don’t just leave the technical stuff to the specialists…

When is the right time to outsource?

How many times have you heard it?  ‘I leave the technical stuff to the techies, I’m not ‘ that’ type of person!’

All the time, whether it’s about spreadsheets, IT, numbers; it doesn’t matter.  Creative types love to leave the detail to someone else.  As a small business though, this can be a little more challenging.With limited finances, it’s tempting to try to do everything yourself.  Accountant, lawyer, strategist, IT specialist, website designer, copywriter, administrator; all rolled into one.  Add into that equation limited time and you have a small business conundrum.

Specialists are specialists for a good reason – they know what they’re doing.  So when is it right to bite the bullet, trust that someone does know better than you and hire a specialist?

I’ve pondered this many times, as I try to find my way through business planning, design, finance, marketing and fear; when all I really want to do is write amazing copy for great businesses!

What others bring that you can’t

It’s taken me many months to admit to myself that I’m not good at everything and I can’t do everything myself.  A series of chance meetings, conversations and Twitter have helped me to realise that’s where I’ve been going wrong.  As a habitual loner, I’m learning about the value of teamwork.

A different perspective is invaluable.  Someone to suggest a better way of doing something, to bounce ideas off or just to keep you on a the straight and narrow – reminding you of your true goals, is an asset.

We’re all trying to make a living (some more than others) and many of us are selling a service.  Why aren’t we using each other more?  It makes complete sense for small businesses to support small businesses, so going forward I’m going to make the most the great small support businesses out there.

So when is the right time?

It’s a flooded market out there, but I’m going to do my best to find the honest, transparent and quality businesses who reflect my values to work with; to make my business the best it can be.  Yes, I might need to invest some money, but the financial return  will be evident in quality of service, focus and time I can offer when I’m focusing on my core activity.

So I am going to bite the bullet, because now is the right time.

You might like ‘small business and me’.  If you’re a talented, ethical graphic designer who works on logos and branding, please get in touch through Twitter or comment below!

About lifeinzuri
Thirty-something Englanderin copywriter and business owner in Zurich ... Blogging about life, love, language barriers and small business on the best journey of my life :)

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