who are your audience?

Customers are Ignoring You

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How much do you really know about your potential customers?  And your current ones?Knowing your audience is crucial to great writing and communication, but it’s more difficult than ever with the huge reach of social media and internet marketing to find out who they are.  Unfortunately we don’t all have the budget for gathering insights and market research; sometimes all we can do is ask and use our knowledge to make some assumptions.

This was one of the first issues I stumbled on when researching my business.  It’s something I need to understand for my customers before I can find their personality and write great copy; so it was a great process to go through.

When you take a local service business, it seems more obvious.  A hairdresser’s reach is fairly local and their offers define their target audience.  You can take a demographic and really focus on what motivates and speak to them, to write copy and communications that make them sit up and take notice.

But when your audience is wider, how can you reach the same goals and find a concept that really works?

It’s simple. Ask the same questions you would for a local business.  I’ll use the hairdresser analogy versus my business  to demonstrate.

  • What do you offer? (great, reasonably priced haircuts at the cutting edge of fashion or conceptual English copywriting, priced for small businesses )
  • What are our business values? (keeping on top of the trends or helping small businesses grow)
  • Who would have aligned service needs and values? (18 – 30 year olds or small business owners, hellbent on opportunity and taking a risk to get the best outcome)
  • What are their aspirations? (showing their individuality or becoming a trusted communications partner)
  • What are their fears? (getting a bad haircut or not succeeding)
  • What are they trying to achieve?  (getting a fashionable hair cut or getting started)
  • What’s the opposite to all of this?  This one is key, because often you’re just describing yourself.

If you turn your idea of your typical customer on its head, you can understand the true scope of your audience.  And talk to them all.

For the hairdresser, what about the 18-30 year old, who has no confidence but would like to try something new?

For my business, what about the established businesses who would like to review their communications approach and effectively start again?

Don’t miss out on potential customers!

You should be specific about your audience, this much is certain.  But you also need to look at the bigger picture.  This way, you can speak to your whole audience, not just the part that’s based on you.

It’s not about widening your target; it’s about understanding it better.  Then you can build winning communications that take your audience on the right journey for them and for you.

About lifeinzuri
Thirty-something Englanderin copywriter and business owner in Zurich ... Blogging about life, love, language barriers and small business on the best journey of my life :)

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