the business plan monster living under my bed

Ok, maybe it’s not a real monster, but has anyone else had the experience of the business plan growing arms, legs and a big green boil and haunting your dreams as well as your waking moments?  This is exactly what I’m experiencing.

Why me?

Given; my plan is rather long, I’m a perfectionist after all.  But what’s the point of just having a short, top line plan?  What would that tell you about your competitors, market gaps, marketing plan and financial forecast?  I want to get it right, cover all bases and not be surprised if something goes wrong!

Don’t you have someone else to bother?

I’ve researched on business plans to the hilt.  I know what I should be doing and how I should be doing it, but I never seem to get to that end point of actually finishing it.  And the only person who needs to see it is me, so I don’t even have my best friend, the deadline, to help.

It baffles me.  My goals haven’t changed.  How I get there might, but the high level strategy remains the same.  I read some great blogs on getting started which help me understand where I might be going wrong and if I’m stuck in a rut (I often am); but as yet I’m still unanswered on my business plan obsession.

Maybe monsters are there for a reason …..

Business is all about opportunity. Great entrepreneurs never accept something as finished or finite.  Maybe that’s the trick to a successful business owners, having a business plan monster living under your bed.

That way, you can never take your eye off the ball, because the monster won’t let you.

Find out more about me and my business in it’s all about the journey.  If you have your own monster experiences to share, I’d love to hear from you!  Follow me on Twitter (@lifeinzuri) or send me a comment below.

About lifeinzuri
Thirty-something Englanderin copywriter and business owner in Zurich ... Blogging about life, love, language barriers and small business on the best journey of my life :)

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