the business plan monster living under my bed

Ok, maybe it’s not a real monster, but has anyone else had the experience of the business plan growing arms, legs and a big green boil and haunting your dreams as well as your waking moments?  This is exactly what I’m experiencing.

Why me?

Given; my plan is rather long, I’m a perfectionist after all.  But what’s the point of just having a short, top line plan?  What would that tell you about your competitors, market gaps, marketing plan and financial forecast?  Read more of this post

small business and me

I come from a family of small business owners. One of my Grandfathers owned two roofing companies for around twenty five years; the other ran a painting and decorating business (my uncle still does). My Father ran a roofing business until he set up a soccer academy – more than once; on more than one continent.

None of them had the technology, education, knowledge or marketing savvy so many have today and likely had no idea of the pitfalls around the corner; the economical landscape of the nineties and noughties, or a business plan in sight. Read more of this post

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